June 11, 2017

About Us

About Us 

Kain Media Group represents the culmination of years of marketing experience and the want to help entrepreneurs succeed in the business world.  From that initial concept a quickly growing media company has sprouted.

Kain Media believes that small business is the cornerstone of the American economy.  Our mission is to give companies of all sizes the ability to reach their audience effectively and affordably.

We understand the hardships of the small business owner because we, like you, are business owners as well.  Our team is comprised of current and former entrepreneurs who are aware of how difficult being a business owner can be.

The four pillars that Kain Media keeps in mind while doing business are: Consistency, Honesty, Innovation, and Affordability.


Week after week, month after month, Kain Media provides high quality content for our clients. We are consistently featured on the social media accounts of major global brands like: Breedlove Guitars, Entrepreneur Magazine, Fender Guitars, Freightliner Trucks, Forbes, Grand General Accessories, Peterbilt Trucks, Zephyr Cleaning Products, and more!


We’re not here to make a quick buck. We want to work with businesses and grow with them. Our programs are designed to give your business exactly what it needs, nothing more. We won’t sell you a service your company won’t benefit from!


Kain Media is constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to online marketing. Whether it’s taking advantage of Snapchat to brand your business, or geo tags to market your company on Instagram, we are leading the charge!


Marketing can take a chunk out of your bottom line. Not with Kain Media. Our programs give you exactly what will grow your business and nothing extra. We offer programs for companies of all sizes. Your brand can grow significantly with an online marketing budget of only $100/month.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of current and former business owners that understand the complexities of business on any scale.  Our team members have worked in industries such as: Manufacturing, plastics, HR, higher education, retail, online services, and many more.

David Coleman

David is the founder of Kain Media Group and the visionary behind our mission to help small businesses. David has a passion for small business and started his first company at the age of 14. Since then he’s founded and ran multiple successful online ventures and is very active in the online media world. David has previous experience in marketing and has been noted as a marketing industry innovator on multiple occasions. David frequently speaks to college students about the benefits of being an entrepreneur and firmly believes that starting a company is one of the greatest learning experiences for young adults. In his free time, David enjoys working on cars, boxing, and spending time with his friends.

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