June 11, 2017


Facebook Results

Facebook is the cornerstone of social media marketing.  Over a billion people are active on Facebook.  That is a massive audience your business could be tapping into!  Below you'll find data reflecting an account we manage with a little over 300 likes in total.

Kain Media Group

Keep in mind that the average reach of this account is completely organic.  This particular client doesn't use any paid Facebook ads.  We post twice a week on this account and create nearly 800 impressions a week FOR FREE.  Each one of those impressions could convert into a sale!

Twitter Results

Twitter's audience is much younger than Facebooks.  If you're looking to market to the millennial audience (or younger), Twitter is the platform for you!  It's a fantastic way for businesses to engage heavily with their target audience.  All establishes businesses should be active on Twitter!  Below you'll find the data from an account we manage that has close to 1,200 followers.

Kain Media Group

Putting content in front of people's faces is one thing, but that doesn't necessarily mean the content is effective at increasing sales.  Luckily, the content we produce engages our followers at a rate that is nearly 5x the industry average of 0.7%.

Kain Media Group

We engage our audience on this account at a 3% or higher rate every single month.  Every single account we manage has an average engagement rate that blows the industry average (.7%) out of the water.

Would you like to receive an additional 250+ clicks on your website every single month?  I know we sure would.  Our methods generate an could enormous amount of traffic to your website!

Instagram Results

Instagram is a wonderful way for businesses to share pictures with their followers.  Using brand hastags, we've been able to market the accounts we manage to thousands of people every single month.  Below you'll find the results from Kain Media's own Instagram account.

Kain Media Group

We receive thousands of impressions on Instagram every single month.  Many of these impressions turn into link clicks on our website.  Since a majority of our followers are in the Lafayette area, we engage with our neighbors and potential clients!

Our Instagram just hit 800 followers, but the growth of our account is staggering.  We gain nearly 100 followers every single week.  The numbers speak for themself.  Instagram is a platform that we excel at.

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